The two most powerful warriors, according to the famous Russian writer Leo Tolstoy, are patience and time. These two attributes are what inspire the cellar of very long agings of MESTRES, the winery with the oldest cavas in the market.


Old vineyards

40 – 65 years

MESTRES is fully committed to the traditional white autochthonous varieties, the most deeply rooted in our land. Our old vines were planted between 40 and 65 years ago. The harvest, always with low yields, is manual and done with small boxes to preserve the best quality of the grape.

Double aging

Wine aging in barrel

Sparkling in bottle and with cork stopper

The second fermentations in bottle are mostly made with wines aged in barrels and with the traditional natural cork stopper. In MESTRES all the cavas are aged with a natural cork stopper, following an ancestral tradition. Cork is the great guardian of our cavas of very long aging.

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Manual disgorging

The long aging bottles of MESTRES, are removed to promote the process of autolysis of the yeasts, achieving an improvement in the structure and complexity of our Cava wines.