The parents of Brut Nature


Vineyards and winery

The MESTRES family, documented in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia before 1312 as owner of vineyards and also as merchants of cereals and wines, has remained linked to the wine world for 29 generations. At the time the date of 1312 was taken as the year of the founding of the MESTRES Wineries. This is confirmed in the first labels of sparkling wine: 1312. In MESTRES there is still a large documentation of the ancestors of our family: parchments and documents of 1312, 1591, 1607, 1832, 1901…, they are milestones in the history of the family that allow us to confirm our dedication to the world of wine over centuries.


First foray into the sparkling world

The Christmas of 1928 brought out the first bottle of Cava MESTRES, which Josep Mestres Manobens produced with grapes from the 1925 vintage. From this date, the family specialized in the production of sparkling wines of very long aging with the traditional method and reached outstanding levels of quality and recognized by all the winegrowers of the Penedès, as well as customers of all the country.

A parchment map of 1884, a copy of the original from 1863, shows in detail the farms dedicated to viticulture that belonged to the MESTRES family, and that were then still spread across large areas of the Penedès from the center of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, where the winery is still based today. In the main square of the City Hall of the capital of Cava, stands an historic building listed as an architectural heritage of local artistic interest. Here the incursion of the MESTRES family into the world of Cava was lived.


First Brut Nature of history

Josep Mestres Manobens, thanks to the high quality of the base wine and the long aging with cork stopper, allowed him to make a ‘champagne’ (method ‘champenoise’) without adding liquor of expedition, which he named “Visol” (WINE ON IT’S OWN). He elaborated only with wine. This is how the first Brut Nature was born, registered in the Patent and Trademark office since 1948. The Visol was also known as triple dry (triple sec) because, since it did not contain any sugar, it was very… dry, dry, dry. Josep’s son, Antonio Mestres Sagués, was a pioneer in the introduction of new techniques in the fermentation process, and in the aging of the base wines in barriques for the elaboration of Cava. We are the parents of Brut Nature.


First sparkling label that comes out on the market with the word Cava


Start of Mestres Coupages

We were precursors in the 50s in the use of the word Cava to refer to our sparkling wines, and in 1960 we officially recorded the word Cava in our bottles. Already in the 70s the CUPAGES of MESTRES were born.

Today, the 29th generation of the MESTRES family follows the path set by their predecessors and maintains that restless and enterprising spirit that characterized the MESTRES family, a winery with seven centuries of history. During all these years we have been able to follow the tradition and respect a philosophy of unique elaboration, taking the name of MESTRES and the word CAVA to excellence. We are the living history of Cava.