Live a Gran Reserva experience
at Caves Mestres

«The living history of Cava» Josep Mestres Manobens elaborated from 1925 the first cava with more than three years of aging. In 1945 Mestres we became the parents of Brut Nature when we created the Visol (the first Brut Nature of history). We became precursors in the use of the word Cava in the lates 50’s.

Visiting Mestres is entering to the artisan world of the really long agings with a natural cork stopper and using the traditional varieties. Live a ‘Gran Reserva’ experience!

Experience MESTRES - long aging artisan wines

Accessing the centuries-old Mestres winery is a unique opportunity to delve into history and establish, through wine, an exciting sensory connection with the past.

Come and see our artisanal winemaking process and the centennial winery where we work to understand our way of understanding the vineyard, our trade and wine.



Visits by appointment: Monday to Sunday according to availability. 

We will answer in a maximum of 72 hours. 

Thank you!


Plaça de l’Ajuntament, 8 

 08770 Sant Sadurní d’Anoia


  • Tlf: +34 938 910 043 - Fax: +34 938 911 611
  • Whatsapp: 606311160
  • Email:

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