We invite you to take a tour of the history of the winery and visit the most curious places of Cava, discovering the process of elaboration of our Cava Wines and ending with a tasting of one of the best teachers waiting to surprise the most demanding palates.

Cata Tasting

Do you want to experience an unforgettable experience? Come to our winery and you will enjoy all the aromas, smells and flavors of our best CAVAS and you will know some of the best kept secrets of MESTRES at CATA.

Main Standards

There are standards established when it comes to making a CATA de CAVAS so that it is a success. We enclose the main ones to keep in mind:

1 – Good lighting will allow you to appreciate the clarity, transparency and nuances of Cava.
2 – You have a smell-free space.
3 – The tasting will be done on a white background and the cup inclined at 45 º.
4 – Flute type cup. Glass smoth and thin. The cleaning of the glasses, only with decalcified water and without detergents.
5 – Cava is served at 6 º. For the Reserva and Gran Reserva Caves, 8-10 º.
6 – Take the cup by the foot or stalk so as not to heat the Cava.
7 – Order of service: from drier to sweeter, less to more aging, and without barrel aging to barrel.
8 – Cava is served, first filling the cup a little, leaving the foam resting. Next, we end filling just two thirds.

MESTRES invites you to arrange a tasting session in the same winery and enjoy the experience.
The cost is 15 € – History of MESTRES – Elaboration process –  Tasting of two products.

To arrange tasting by tel. 938 910 043 or