Live a Gran Reserva experience at Caves Mestres

«The living history of Cava» Josep Mestres Manobens elaborated in 1925 the first cava with more than three years of aging. In 1948 Mestres we became the parents of Brut Nature when we created the Visol (the first Brut Nature of history). We became precursors in the use of the word Cava in the early 1960’s.

Visiting Mestres is entering to the artisan world of the really long agings made with a natural cork stopper and using the traditional varieties. Live a ‘Gran Reserva’ experience!


Long natural agings

2 Tastings – Coquet / Visol

Visit the original winery
Tasting of 2 differentiated vintages – 42 months / 60 months
Duration: 1 hour
Minimum: 2 people – Maximum: 20 people

Parents of Brut Nature

Tastings – Coquet / Visol / Clos Nostre Senyor

Visit the original winery
Tasting of 3 differentiated vintages – 42 months / 60 months / 84 months
Duration: 1 hour to 1:30 p.m.
Minimum: 2 people – Maximum 20 people

The art of aging

Clos Nostre Senyor / Clos Damiana / Mas Via

2 Tastings – Coquet / Visol
Visit the original winery
Tasting the iconic products of the brand: 84 months / 120 months / 150 months
Duration: 1h30 to 2 hours
Minimum: 4 people – Maximum 15 people

Vintage Vertical

Visit the original winery
Tour through the history of the winery
Tasting of different vintages of the iconic cava Mas Via (3 vintages)
Duration: 1h30 to 2 hours
Minimum: 6 people – Maximum 12 people

To arrange tasting by tel. 938 910 043 o

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Main Standards

There are standards established when it comes to performing a TASTING of CAVAS to make it a success. We enclose the main rules:

1 – Good lighting will allow you to appreciate the clarity, transparency and nuances of Cava.
2 – Have an odor-free space.
3 – The tasting will be done on a white background and the cup tilted to 45º.
4 – The cleaning of the glasses has to be with decalcified water and done without detergents.
5 – Cava is served at 6º. For the Reserve and Gran Reserva Cavas, 8-10 º.
6 – Take the cup by the foot or stalk so you do not heat the Cava.
7 – Service: from the drier to the sweetest, from the less to the more aging, and from the non-aging in barrels with barrel aging.
8 – Cava is served, first filling the cup a little, leaving the foam resting. Next, we have just filled up to two thirds.