Traditional excellence - Long agings

Excellence and singular character

In MESTRES a way of elaborating the Cava is interpreted as the result of a philosophy of unique and 100% natural elaboration. Therefore, MESTRES cavas are unique, exclusive tasting and a luxury for the most refined palates. Ours is a singular character. We are aware that the character is the deaf, constant and stubborn force of the will to conquer the maximum expression, the maximum excellence.

The spirit of achieving excellence and the spirit of innovation have marked the philosophy of MESTRES from the first day. All these years, more than nine decades as Cava winemakers of handcrafted and limited production, endorse one of the most unique companies in the sector. As the great chef Alain Ducasse said, the excellence that we pursue is in diversity, and the way to progress is to know and compare the diversities of products, cultures and techniques.

Very long agings to win the battle to time

MESTRES has meant for its long aging in the tranquility and darkness of the historic cellars of the heart of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, where our wines are long time in contact with their lees.

MESTRES, where the very long agings are one of the main signs of identity, two cork stoppers are used to make each bottle. The first fermentation and aging of the base wine is carried out in barriques, with its own lees for a period of six to twelve months. The second fermentation in the bottle is with the first 100% natural cork stopper, in horizontal position in manual rhyme, and with a minimum aging of 42 months in the bottle with its lees in the stillness of our historical cellars in the center of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia.

Base wines aged in barriques

90% of our base wines are aged in fine grain barrels. In MESTRES emphasis is placed on autolysis and tertiary aromas, reminiscent of nuts, toasted, pastries, toffee notes, caramel… This magical process brings greater complexity and richness of nuances to Cava, and is characteristic of the most aged products. Barrique aging of the base wines is a different way of elaboration with which the cavas with aging MESTRES marked an innovation in the world of Cava.

Cork is a material with chemical and physical characteristics that make it unique, and it is a natural product that fixes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and contributes to the mitigation of climate change. Cork is a material of plant origin that can be extracted without injuring the tree and that regenerates with the passage of time. It allows a sustainable balance between agroforestry management and human action. It is also a clear example of a circular economy.

Natural cork stopper,
the guardian of our unique style

The use of cork stoppers throughout the production process following the traditional method is especially relevant in the gestation of the Gran Reserva cavas of very long aging of MESTRES. Working with natural cork of the best quality is one of our distinctive signs, a uniqueness that marks our cellars.

The use of the natural cork stopper with clamp in the run favors micro-oxygenation during bottle aging, and obtaining more complexity of the cavas.

Manual/craft disgorgement

MESTRES is committed, especially, to the elaboration of cavas without adding liquor after manual and artisanal disgorging (extraction of the lees through a manual process made bottle by bottle). The long agings with natural cork stopper, also, give a special effervescence and fine-tune to our wines, providing a great wealth of nuances.

After the disgorgement we put the second natural cork stopper, and its corresponding identification plate. MESTRES has always printed on its labels the date of disgorgement. Once the disgorgement has been done, the bottle labeled and always placed in vertical position, begins a second aging in bottle without lees, favoring the rounding of this fantastic wine of stars, where 1, 2 and even 5/10 years of an almost perfect evolution towards unthinkable goals years ago.

MESTRES, from our land to the world.