Luís Gutiérrez says about the LONG AGING of Mestres: Mestres, whose wines I’ve always liked, goes further, extending the aging time of their wines in bottles with lees and selling only high quality sparkling wines. They are very traditional cava producers, a species of López de Heredia del Cava. Now their wines age for at least 42 months, and they only sell Gran Reserva wines, with the aim of reaching the upper level of the market, mainly restaurants and haute cuisine. One hundred percent of its sparkling wines are aged with cork in the bottle, and all their wines, except entry level Coquet, ferment and ripen in chestnut barriques with the lees before being bottled. And all the bottles always show the date of disgorgement on the back label. They also have the advantage that they used to fill many magnums and large bottles when they thought a wine was exceptional. It might seem crazy at that time, but that madness has now become a competitive advantage: they still have a good stock of older wines to sell, often in magnum format. This time, I tried an incredible magnum of Mas Via 2000 that was aged with lees for 225 months (that’s over 18 years!). Complex and nuanced, it had intense curry aromas that made it really attractive, and the wine has maintained its freshness and harmony, with very small and integrated bubbles. It is surely among the best cavas, with great freshness and absence of oxidative notes. The palate is elegant, with marked aromas, great harmony, freshness and length. Woohoo!

Mejores cavas del mundo gran reserva robert parker ganador largas crianzas

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