The MESTRES family, documented in Sant Sadurní before 1312 as owner of vineyards, as grain traders and wines, has been linked to the wine world for 28 generations. In its day the date of 1312 was chosen as the year of the foundation of the MESTRES winery. This is stated in the first sparkling wine label 1312.

Scrolls and documents from 1312, 1591, 1607, 1832 …, are milestones in the history of the family that demonstrate the determined dedication made to the wine world throughout the last centuries: In MESTRES extensive documentation of the ancestors of the family is still preserved today .

A scroll map from 1884, copy of the original from 1863, shows detailed devotion to vineyards owned by the MESTRES family, which was then extended over large areas within Penedes from the centre of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia where today the winery still has its headquarters.

In this same place, in the Town Hall Square of of the capital of cava, a historic building listed as architectural heritage now stands. This is where the MESTRES started in the world of cava.

It was exactly in 1925 when Josep Mestres Manobens decided to make the first bottle of white wine which has undergone second fermentation, that after a long period of aging in the “cava” was released on Christmas Day 1928. Cava MESTRES was born, This was already more than 80 years ago!

From this date on, the family has specialized in the production of sparkling wines made with the traditional method, achieving outstanding levels of quality, recognized both by the same makers of cava Penedes, as by gourmet customers appreciative of good food throughout the country.

Throughout these 80 years, the MESTRES stood out not only by the desire to achieve excellence in its wines, but for its spirit of innovation. Indeed, they were pioneers in the use of the word CAVA referring to sparkling wines, which was already used as early as 1928, and in 1959 it was officially recorded. Additionally the first bottle of cava was prepared here without added sugar after disgorging.

It was in 1945 when Josep Mestres Manobens, thanks to the high quality of the base wine used, and long aging with cork, was able to make a “Champany” without adding dosage and used only wine in its place, which he called “VISOL” (only wine in Catalan).

His son Antoni Mestres Sagués pioneered the introduction of new techniques in the fermentation process and the aging of base wines in barrel for the production of Cava. Today, the 28th generation of the MESTRES family continues, guided by its predecessors and maintains that restless and enterprising spirit that characterized MESTRES, a winery with seven centuries of history . MESTRES cavas are creative originality, with an exclusive taste and an absolute delicacy for the discerning palate.