The Vineyard

Indigenous varietals form the Penedés : Macabeu, Xarel•lo and Parellada. Manual harvest.

The Essence

Own Vinification, aging of base wine in barriques. Personal, crafted and tailor made blends


Long aging, minimum 24 months. Second fermentation under cork in the bottle.


Manually desgorged, bottle by bottle at the optimum moment, A pleasant sensorial experience.


cava mestres rimes cava artesa i de qualitatCava is a sparkling wine produced by inducing a second fermentation in the base wine in each of the bottles separately. It all starts while bottling, where each bottle is filled with the base wine, then yeast is added together with the “dosage”.

In the “Cava” bottles rest in a horizontal position on manually constructed “rimas” (rows of Cava Bottles) where the second fermentation takes place, away from light, at a stable humidity and temperature. The wine “star” is born, appreciated so much everywhere.

The minimum aging time for the second fermentation DO Cava is 9 months. For “Champagne” the minimum is 15 months, but at MESTRES we allow more time for the second fermentation in the bottle, looking for unique own identity. The minimum aging for our cavas is between 20 and 24 months. This is where the 1312 Brut Reserva Cava MESTRES begins its life. For MESTRES COQUET Special Brut Nature Gran Reserva the second fermentation in the bottle is from 40 to 50 months. For long aged Cavas, from 50 to 60 months we have MESTRES VISOL Brut Nature Barrique Gran Reserva. MESTRES CLOS NOSTRE SENYOR Brut Nature Gran Reserva Barrique with 80 to 90 months to get to “The Maximum Expression of MESTRES” with MAS MESTRES VIA Brut Barrique Gran Reserva which spends over 120 months of aging. We also produce rosé Cavas, with and without the aging of the base wine in barriques, which lends a unique personality necessary for a “Cava wine” to be able to have this long aging ability.

The minimum aging for our cavas is between 20 and 24 months

In MESTRES we are considered pioneers: before 1986, we were already making personal and tailor-made blends for our customers, and this is where “MESTRES Cupages” were born, crafted with only 3 Penedes traditional varietals: Macabeo, Xarel.lo, Parellada. Once each of the different “Cava breeds” has been finalised, they undergo “disgorgement” of each bottle by hand, one by one, to arrive at “The Maximum Expression of Cava”. This manual process is to expel the “mother” or lees in the bottle in order to have a completely crystalline product, ready to be enjoyed.

At this point, we place the second 100% natural cork, the corresponding wire closure, the Plaque of the elaborated cava, label and everything ready for our cava to go to market. Our “wine stars”, MESTRES. Over 80 years as developers of ” Cava Aged Wines “. Limited production. That’s how we interpret our way of developing a “cava”, the result of a unique development philosophy and 100% Natural.

MESTRES cavas are creative originality, taste exclusive and are a luxury for the discerning palate.